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Kelsea Robin is a violinist/songwriter who creates atmospheric orchestral pop with just her violin and voice, and the clever use of technology. Her sound was forged on the indie stages of New York City, where she spent her days studying classical violin, and her nights in bars and clubs forming her creative identity. With a flair for the dramatic and  influences as varied as Fleetwood Mac, Anna Nalick, and 2000s J-pop, Kelsea’s lyrics dive fearlessly into the human condition.


Kelsea was born in San Antonio, TX, and grew up in Oregon and Hawaii. She went to college in Japan, has studied violin and songwriting in New York, and has a master’s degree in violin performance from Belmont University In Nashville. 


A skilled sewist, Kelsea creates garments that reflect her musical identity. She has been working on sound reactive wearable tech pieces that serve as a visual parallel to the technology that enhances her music. 


Kelsea is based in Phoenix, AZ


City Boys and Dangerous Toys is Kelsea Robin’s debut EP.

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