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Kelsea Robin is a violinist/songwriter, a bit of an odd combination, but she makes it work. She started playing violin at age 7, and holds a master's degree in violin performance from Belmont University. In songwriting she found a way to combine her love of music and words. 
Kelsea was born in San Antonio to Californians, and spent most of her childhood in Honolulu, before attending college in Japan, where she earned a degree in linguistics. All that moving around seemed like a fun idea at the time, but it forever ruined her for small talk, since she is unable to answer even the simple question, "Where are you from?" She is trying to find the answer to that question through her songs.
After finishing college, Kelsea moved to New York to study violin more seriously and prepare for graduate school. There, she found her voice as a songwriter, testing ideas and learning to perform her original music in New York institutions such as Caffe Vivaldi. It was in New York that she discovered  looping pedals, which allowed her to record many layers of sound while live on stage. In this way, Kelsea mixes the vibrant harmonies of many violins with her vocals, creating a unique one-woman show.

Kelsea is based in Phoenix, AZ
City Boys and Dangerous Toys is Kelsea Robin’s debut EP.

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